How we make our products

A member of the Facebook group recently commented with surprise at the photos shown here, assuming perhaps that Grey For Now's products are shipped, fully finished, from China. So I decided it would be a good idea to briefly explain our manufacturing process...

Grey For Now Games is essentially a one-man company (me!). I do the writing, design, layout and quite a bit of the sculpting (as well as the boring business-y stuff). For over a year, I also did the product assembly and dispatched all the orders. Fortunately for my sanity these vital tasks are now handled by the excellent team at Sarissa Precision - makers of all that lovely terrain.

The boxes and cards are printed locally, and for sets with fewer cards (eg, 18 in the Takeda set) we collate them ourselves. Metal models are cast by a couple of local companies while a few elements, such as dice, are made in the EU and of course plastics come from Wargames Atlantic in the US - but I try to keep things as local as possible.

Finally, once everything is present and correct, the Sarissa team assemble it all on site ready for dispatch to you lovely people!