Rogues and Ruffians
Rogues and Ruffians

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Rogues and Ruffians

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A vicious gang of bandits and outlaws. Led by the widow of a murdered samurai, this gang of villains care little for honour. They rob travellers or hire out their services whenever money and mayhem are on offer.

The perfect set for players who like to be the 'bad guys'!

  • The Widow
  • The Witch
  • The Brute
  • The Paymaster
  • The Archer
  • The Drifter
  • The Drunkard
  • The Signaller
  • 8 Recruitment cards
  • 6 Skill Cards (one double-sided)
  • 4 Trait Cards
  • MDF bases

The Widow is the leader of this band - her Whirl of Blades skill makes her very dangerous in combat.

The Witch is a beautiful, enigmatic figure, rumoured to have arcane abilities drawn from her sinister mask. Are her powers real or imagined by fearful travellers? Her Skill card is double-sided, providing different rules when the mask is worn or taken off.

The Brute likes to smash his opponents to the floor with his brutal hammer.

The Paymaster provides monetary encouragement for lawless or unaligned warriors to stick in the fight.

The Archer seeks the high ground to fire down on his victims, leaping and climbing with ease.

The mysterious Drifter bides his time, waiting for the crucial moment to unleash a devastating attack.

The Drunkard may not be the safest choice to have a musket, but a random roll before firing gives some useful bonuses - his friends should probably stay out of the way though!

Finally the Signaller, with his hidden lantern, helps you bring on reinforcements and is useful in a night fight.

The warriors in this box can be used as a complete force or mixed with other troops. 18 new cards provide rules for their unique abilities and a range of extra Skills and Traits.

Box contains 18 gaming cards for Test of Honour and 8 metal miniatures plus bases.

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.