Takeda's Court
Takeda's Court
Takeda's Court
Takeda's Court
Takeda's Court

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Takeda's Court

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Famed for their devastating cavalry charges, the Takeda clan rides forth. Led by the great general Takeda Shingen, they are supported by a wise tutor, the court falconer, and the imposing clan champion.

Build a samurai force built around hard-hitting cavalry!

  • Takeda Shingen
  • Noble Onna Bugeisha
  • Samurai Linebreaker
  • Samurai Champion
  • The Falconer
  • The Tutor
  • 9 Recruitment cards
  • 8 Skill cards
  • 1 Trait card
  • MDF bases 

Takeda Shingen is the famed Daimyo of the Takeda clan, innovator of tactics and masterful general - beckoning with his war fan he orders other nearby cavalry models forward into the fray.

The Noble Onna Bugeisha performs a galloping charge to strike the enemy at great speed.

The Samurai Linebreaker crashes into the foe, bludgeoning them to the ground with his heavy club.

The Samurai Champion steps forward in his sinister mask to cleave down his enemies with his fearsome nodachi (heavy sword).

The Falconer sends his sharp-eyed bird to seek out cowardly foes who sneak and hide from honourable combat. The loyal falcon also retaliates if its master is attacked.

The Tutor's lessons provide one of your characters with a choice of Skill card - Study of Ethics, Tactics or History - each offering a useful bonus. His wise advice helps those nearby choose the best target, while his great age and reputation make it highly dishonourable to attack him.

The warriors in this box can be used as a complete force or mixed with other troops.  

Don't forget that you can use all Skill cards with a Path icon that matches one of your characters. This means that there are a host of useful cards in the Clan Forces pack that synergise perfectly with those in this set.

Box contains 18 gaming cards for Test of Honour and 6 metal miniatures (with 3 plastic horses) plus bases.

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.