Mori Clan Onna Musha
Mori Clan Onna Musha

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Mori Clan Onna Musha

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This set contains:

  • 1 Mori Clan Onna Musha miniature
  • 1 Recruitment card
  • 1 Skill card
  • 1 Quest card

Onna Musha were female warriors of the samurai class who fought alongside the men in battle (NB. the term Onna Bugeisha refers more to women fighting to defend their home).

As well as their strong navy and their skill at expanding their territory by conquering rebellious neighbours, the Mori clan are known for their effective use of archery in battle.

Their daimyo, Mori Motonori, is also attributed with the lesson of the Three Arrows. Giving each of his three sons an arrow, they were able to snap them easily. But then, binding three arrows together, the result was too strong to break, making the point that they must work as one to succeed. It is a moral still taught to young Japanese children today.

This figure, as well as the Skill and Quest cards included are inspired by this idea, helping you to coordinate your attacks! 

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.