Samurai Warband Bundle
Samurai Warband Bundle
Samurai Warband Bundle
Samurai Warband Bundle
Samurai Warband Bundle
Samurai Warband Bundle
Samurai Warband Bundle
Samurai Warband Bundle

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Samurai Warband Bundle

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A young, impetuous samurai sets out to defeat the enemies of his clan and bring honour to his family.

  • Samurai Hero
  • Samurai Warrior
  • Ashigaru Sergeant (Kogashira)
  • 6 Ashigaru spearmen
  • 3 Ashigaru with bow
  • 3 Ashigaru with musket
  • 9 Skill Cards
  • 7 Trait Cards
  • 1 Honour card
  • 1 Dishonour card
  • 6 Quest Cards
  • MDF bases (inc 1 multibase)

The warriors in this bundle form a complete 24 point force for the game, combining perfectly with the Recruitment cards from the core set.

The new cards cards provide a range of extra Skills, Quests and Traits, plus brand new Honour and Dishonour cards, making this a great expansion for existing players too.

The cards emphasise the unique character of the samurai, with Skills such as Salute Your Enemy, Death Poem, Spirit of the Ancestors and Heavy Armour, and Quests including Blood Feud and Head-Taker. The new Honour and Dishonour cards allow your samurai to impress or bring shame to their clan - gaining or losing a Skill card.

Ashigaru spearmen were the backbone of samurai armies during the Sengoku period and form a solid core for your Test of Honour force. Give them the Protect the Master trait to make them more formidable when near to a friendly character, or Bring Them Down for a boost against cavalry. 

Use the bows to harass the enemy and muskets to unleash a fatal blast. If you like, upgrade the archers with the Protect the Muskets trait to help them work together with the guns or the Barbed Arrows trait to inflict horrible wounds on your foe (changes the Strike bonus to Deep Cut). Boost the musketmen with the Bojutsu trait, allowing them to treat their gun as a staff in melee.

Bundle contains 24 gaming cards for Test of Honour and 15 metal miniatures plus bases.

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.