Veteran Ashigaru card set

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Veteran Ashigaru card set

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Contains 23 gaming cards.

This set brings you some exciting new options for using your Ashigaru miniatures as Veterans in Test of Honour battles. It goes very nicely with the Ashigaru Scouts set, the Warring Clans range from War Banner, or you can simply promote your plastic models from the v1 core set.

The pack includes 18 recruitment cards, starting with a Kogashira - an Ashigaru Captain who would historically have commanded around 30 men. There are veteran versions of all the standard Ashigaru troop types, with spears, bows and muskets, and I've included naginatas too as I've seen quite a few of you converting these weapons. These guys have a much better stat line, so they can really hold their own in combat (though they'll often be outnumbered). You'll also find a Sergeant of Gunnery who can help your Veteran Musketmen reload faster!

The set also contains 3 new Skill cards, each themed around giving orders to your troops. For example, Stand Ready! allows you to place Cautious markers on nearby Ashigaru.

Next there are 2 Quest cards. Quests are changing a little in 2nd Edition so you can use them in one-off games.

Finally there is one Trait card. Traits are a completely new feature for 2nd Edition – they cost a Recruitment point and allow you to give 1 or 2 of your warriors upgraded abilities.