All 02 Hundred Hours Videos

How To Play - Fighters, Dice and Tokens (8 mins)

Includes: Fighters, Recruitment cards, Stats, Covert/Detected, Dice, Alert markers, Action tokens, Turn sequence and Time tokens.


How To Play - Patrol, Sneak and Advance (12 mins)

Includes: Line of Sight, Covert & Detected, Facing, Advance, Roving Patrol, Patrol Route, Sneak, Medal effects - Recon, Caution, Awareness, Freeze.


How To Play - Shoot and Fight (13 mins)

Includes Shoot, Fight, Duck, Defend, Wound rolls and Trauma rolls plus common Medal effects.


How To Play - Mission 1 Walkthrough (33 mins)

First in a series of How To Play videos, a walkthrough of some gameplay. This is a great way to get a feel for the game before diving into the full detail of the rulebook!


Plastics in Detail (10 mins)

I show you the plastics, covering all the components and weapon options in full detail:


From External Reviewers:

Full Game

Full length battle reports from various reviewers.

Keep in mind though, that a few of them made rules mistakes that have thrown off the balance a bit!

7th Son (Mission 1):

7th Son (Mission 3):

Modelling for Advantage (Mission 2):

Tabletop CP (Mission 3):

Family of Gamers (Mission 1):


Starter Set Showcase

Travis at Tabletop CP has been assembling and painting his forces made from the Starter Set contents - here is the finished result:


Painting Guide

Also from 7th Son, this excellent guide to painting the 02 Hundred Hours German sentries:




Wargames Illustrated:

Tabletop CP:

7th Son:

Family of Gamers:

Tabletop Basement (German language):

Agents of Sigmar: