Guards of Traitor's Toll

Guards of Traitor's Toll

Guards of Traitor’s Toll is a forthcoming skirmish adventure game set in a fantasy city, written by Graham Davey.

Patrol the streets, alleys and markets of Traitor’s Toll. Chase down and arrest the rogues, cheats and cutthroats that prey on the unwary, ensure the citizens don’t get too rebellious and uncover deeper plots that threaten the city…

The bustling city of Traitor’s Toll is home to a multitude of merchants and travellers, buskers and charlatans, sorcerers and scholars, not to mention – hidden among them – pickpockets, thieves, smugglers and worse! The task of keeping the citizens safe, catching wrongdoers and dealing out justice falls to the city guard.

Gameplay is semi-cooperative. Both players control a Guard Captain and patrol of 5 guardsmen, who must deal with the many challenges hidden among the crowds. Such tasks might be capturing an escaped prisoner, battling a crazed wizard, locating a lost child, taking down a smuggling gang or investigating a mystery. While they have the same goals, each side is trying to make the most arrests, grab the glory and win recognition (and reward) from their superiors. Gain experience, recruit allies and locate useful items – the odd bribe will be useful too. A degree of violence will be necessary but killing suspects will upset the populace. If there is too much discontent, the people riot and rebel – the city lords will be furious (and both players lose)! The game has a strong narrative, legacy element as your guards develop new skills and learn secrets that impact subsequent tasks as well as later games.

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Guards of Traitor’s Toll will be published by Grey For Now Games, makers of Test of Honour and 02 Hundred Hours. Trademark and ©2024 Grey For Now Games Ltd.