Card Sets - What's Changed?

Many of you have asked what is happening with all the cards from the various expansion sets from v1? And there have been many requests since v1 was launched to make the cards available on their own. Well, here you go...

All the cards have been converted into the new style and split into these two sets: Clan Forces and Enemy Forces, each containing the updated cards from 5 of the old sets. 

Each set contains 100 cards - here's the breakdown:

Clan Forces

Mounted Samurai
Daimyo’s Retinue
Onna Bugeisha

Enemy Forces

Sohei Monks
Chobei’s Renegades
Bandits & Brigands
Masked Men

How much has changed?

I've done a full review of all the stat lines - v1 was written in fits and starts, with a number of different people contributing, and the result was certain troop types and characters were simply better value than others. So I've taking the chance to smooth out these inconsistencies and make sure everything is fair!

Basic single warriors have all had a 1 point addition somewhere on their profile. This means that rather than them all being exactly the same with 3s across the board, now there is a distinct difference to each troop type. Balancing this, groups now just get the standard Aim and Honour bonuses if they have enough warriors left.

There are a few Skills that have changed completely. These are mainly Skills that have been made redundant by changes to the core rules - cavalry, etc. And for a couple of cards, the number of Honour cards you have is now a factor (by the way, the Skill cards that used to be labelled Honour have been changed to Duty, to avoid confusion with the new Dishonour / Honour card system).

There is also a larger number of wording tweaks that don't change the spirit of the card but clarify the details and remove any ambiguities.

Finally a lot of the Quest cards have changed, for reasons I'll explain below...

What about new stuff?

For starters I've included unnamed heroes and two different companions for each of the troop types - want an all-Sohei force? No problem! Or why not add a Ronin Ruffian, a Pauper Demagogue or a Masked Zealot!

There are also 9 new Traits across the two sets, including Fast Cavalry, Untested Troops, Evil Intent and Drunkards!

Oh and lastly, the Clan Forces set includes cards for Kamiizumi-Kanchou, Oda Nobunaga and the Geisha Spy and just had room for Red Mist and the other Skills from the old dice set.