New Card Preview

Today I'm going to show off some of the many new cards that have gone into the core card set and the two Forces sets:

The core set now has 2 types of Samurai hero and 4 Samurai companions - half of these armoured and half unarmoured. The companions all have different stat lines to add a bit more variety and interest.

By the way, as in v1 there is a duplicate set of all the recruitment cards with a different colour flag, so there's enough for two players to pick from.

There's a new Sergeant of Gunnery to boost your musket ashigaru, helping them reload faster. He can be armed with or without his own gun.

Characters can now upgrade to a musket as well as a bow. It's sometimes said that samurai felt firearms were dishonourable, and I'm sure there were some instances when that was true, but there are plenty of examples when samurai did arm themselves with teppo.

One of the new traits - Pathfinders and nearby friends can nip through the woods with ease, perfect to catch your enemies off guard!

A selection of the Honour cards that form a counterpoint to Dishonour in the game. There are some really tasty bonuses that will boost your troops as they are inspired by your noble example!

The addition of Honour cards have opened up some new options for Quests, such as the Path of Balance. Remember, completing a Quest during a battle gets you an immediate extra Skill card.

The Map skill has changed from its old rather weak rule, now providing a free move towards the nearest objective.

That's an Order! is a brand new skill that allows the character to donate their action to a nearby follower - I foresee some cunning uses of this one!

The base line stats for single warriors each have an extra point somewhere - generally matching the numbers their groups have always had. This makes those single guys a bit more useful and a bit more interesting!

Lastly, some of the Trait cards from the two Forces sets. Evil Intent and Untested Troops are from the Enemies pack. The former gain bonuses while you have most Dishonour and the latter start with a penalty but get a big boost after they kill someone!

Fast Cavalry is from the Clan Forces pack (FYI everything cavalry related is in that set). Combined with the new faster cav rules, this allows your horse archers to move 6", fire and gallop on another 3".