Ashigaru Command Group
Ashigaru Command Group

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Ashigaru Command Group

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This set contains:

  • Ashigaru Kogashira (sergeant)
  • Ashigaru banner bearer
  • Ashigaru musician
  • 3 Trait cards

Command and control your Ashigaru forces for Test of Honour with this bold command group. The sergeant orders your troops into combat with extra actions, the banner bearer provides a rallying point to bolster your defences while the musician's conch shell horn lifts the spirits of all your fighters.

Use the Recruitment cards from the core gaming set to field these figures, and apply the Trait cards from this set to increase their skills. The Kogashira trait promotes your sergeant with better stats. Extra Loud adds the ability for the musician to improve your troops' Quick Recovery rolls. And the Daimyo's Standard widens the range of the banner's Avoid boosting effect.

These miniatures can also be fielded as veterans using the cards from the Veteran Ashigaru set.

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.