02 Hundred Hours Objectives & Casualties
02 Hundred Hours Objectives & Casualties

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02 Hundred Hours Objectives & Casualties

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Add some detail to your battlefield with these cast-resin objectives and casualties.

Until the alarm is raised, defenders who have been taken out are left in place and may be spotted by other sentries. You can just lay your figures on their side but having proper casualty models looks way better!

Meanwhile the objectives - ammo crates, oil drums and radio - make ideal targets for SAS demo charges. 

This set contains:

  • 3 resin Battlefield Objectives
  • 3 resin German Sentry Casualties

    NB. the release agent used on cast-resin moulds is water resistant, so needs to be washed off thoroughly with soapy water before painting (an old toothbrush will help get into all the nooks and crannies).