02 Hundred Hours Starter Set + Extra Dice
02 Hundred Hours Starter Set + Extra Dice
02 Hundred Hours Starter Set + Extra Dice

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02 Hundred Hours Starter Set + Extra Dice

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Starter Set + Extra Dice

02 Hundred Hours is a skirmish wargame played with a force of 5-20 models, fighting out night-time raids in World War II.

Field an elite force of SAS Commandos to infiltrate the enemy lines under cover of darkness. Launch attacks on radar stations, munition factories, airfields, bridges and rail lines. Sneak past sentries, take them out with silent attacks, or open fire with a devastating ambush. Plant charges to destroy your objective, assassinate a target or grab vital intel, then fight your way to safety before reinforcements arrive!

Or play as the defenders, carefully setting patrol routes so your sentries can spot raiders in the shadows. Utilise guard dogs, officers or military police and make use of informants and intercepted transmissions to thwart the attackers’ plans.

This product contains:

  • 36 Multi-part 28mm plastic figures:
       12 British SAS
       18 German sentries, officers and Feldgendarmes
       6 guard dogs
  • 64 page Rulebook
  • 80 Gaming Cards
  • 8 Custom Dice
  • 104 Counters
  • 36 Plastic Bases

  • Plus 8 more Custom Dice!

SAS in North European kit. Equipment includes: Sten guns, Tommy guns, Lee-Enfield rifles (with scoped version), Bren gun, Welrod pistol, De Lisle carbine, Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knives, demo charge and radio operator.

Heer sentries, officers, Feldgendarmes (military police) and guard dog handlers. Armed with 'Mauser' rifles, MP40 SMGs and Luger pistols, you can also make figures with torches, binoculars, smoking a cigarette, checking papers, carrying their helmet, saluting and even surrendering!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included. Contents may vary from photos. You will also need a tape measure, terrain and a container for the tokens in order to play.