Factory Gantry Sections
Factory Gantry Sections
Factory Gantry Sections

Sarissa Precision

Factory Gantry Sections

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Part of our extended series of factories and industrial units, this versatile gantry set can be added to wargames and dioramas with settings and themes as diverse as WWII, Cold War, pulp, modern war, superheroes and post-apocalypse.

Gantries are wide enough for a 30mm base size. Covers a length of 350mm (14 inches) (approx.)

Supplied unassembled and unpainted in kit form with full instructions.

All miniatures shown are for scale purposes only and are not included

  • straight section W35 x L100 x H90mm (approx.)
  • corner section W35 x L35 x H90mm (approx.)
  • stairs W35 x L115 x H90mm (approx.)
  • ladder W14 x H90mm (approx.)
Product Features Modular
Etched detailing
Materials MDF
  • 2 x straight
  • 1 x corner
  • 1 x stair
  • 1 x ladder